Calimet CM3-DCFP Sliding Gate Operator


The Calimet CM Gate Opener series are our ultra performance gate operators. They're designed to deliver heavy-duty performance, safety, and smart control. Engineered to be highly customizable, they have all the features necessary for complete gate access control suitable for residential or commercial use.

• Residential & Commercial Slide Gate Opener
• Max gate weight: 1800 lbs
• Max gate length: 26 feet long
• Meets UL 325 Safety Standards

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Introducing the CM3-DCFP - the ultra performance gate operator.

The most powerful and customizable gate operator equipped with heavy-duty performance, safety, durability, and smart features to meet all your gate access needs.

Gate Opener Description

Homes and Business

Made for homes and businesses

Residential / Commercial Slide Gate Operator

The CM3-DCFP is the industry-leading gate operator for smart gate access. They're engineered for heavy duty performance with a suite of innovative smart features to provide safety and security.

Suitable for both small gates at home, or large iron industrial gates for businesses. Whether the gate opens once or day or a thousand times a day, the CM3 is designed for handling large volumes of traffic.

Home Driveway Gate Openers


The most reliable and secure gate opener for homes worldwide

Commercial Gate Openers

Businesses / Warehouses

Gate access control features to keep your business safe and secure

Residential Complex Gate Openers

Gated Community / Apartments

Designed to handle high traffic, fast-moving properties

Farm Gate Openers

Farms / Rural

Solar panels and batteries for areas with limited or no power supply

Titan G1 Motor


Performance Meets Endurance

The Titan G1 motor has heavy-duty performance that comes with long term durability.

The Titan series are our most powerful motors. Engineered with a reinforced magnetic chamber, the motor's compressive mechanics increase yield strength to reliably open even the heaviest metal gates. The Titan Motors are equipped with a size 50 gearbox to increase torque, giving them a consistent mechanical advantage.

26 Feet

Max Gate Length

1800 lbs

Max Gate Weight

Vehicle Safety

Best in Class Safety

CM3-DCFP was designed with revolutionary safety technologies that exceeds UL 325 standards. It has a built-in object-collision detection system, and a photosensor to prevent the gate from closing in on a vehicle.

The photosensor uses an infrared light to detect objects that cross the gate when closing. Often times, cars, pedestrians, or even animals will try to speed past a closing gate in order to "make it out in time". If an object crosses the infrared light when the gate is closing, the gate will stop and reverse, to prevent accidents. Our photosensors are the industry standards for vehicle and pedestrian safety and have prevented thousands of accidents from occurring.


Lithium Ion Battery

Works During Power Outages

Lithium-Ion batteries are included to allow the gate operator to run during power outages. These batteries are automobile-grade and contain 50% longer lifespan to last for years.

The Li-Ion batteries are our enterprise solution for businesses and apartment complexes with large traffic, especially when opening the gate for every visitor during a power outage isn't practical.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Solar Panel Ready

A solar panel (sold separately) can be installed on this gate opener to recharge the built-in lithium battery.

Homes that use solar panels can quality for a energy efficiency property tax credit.

Quantum Control Board

The Most Advanced Controls Ever

The Quantum control board brings a whole new class of performance to the gate operator.

Thanks to a more advanced circuit design, the Quantum control board has more processing power that supports more features and accessories, allowing you to customize your gate with greater control. The Quantum control board supports built-in batteries and is solar panel compatible.

Features • Auto-close timer • Slave Setup Compatible • Anti-tailgating • Sensitivity • Impact Collision Detection • Loop Detector • SmartGate App • Receiver • Close Delay • Pairs with 50 Remote Controls • Solar Panel Compatible


Loop Detector

An exit loop detector (purchased separately) can be installed to detect vehicles and automatically open the gate.


Auto Close Timer

Allows you to automatically close your gate after a certain time, anywhere from 0-60 seconds.



Customize your gate access by adding additional accessories. Accessories include: solar panels, loop detector, radio receiver, additional remote controls, edge sensors, cameras, and more.

Manual Release

Mechanical Foot Petal

A mechanical foot petal is equipped to the gate operator to open your gate manually during power outages.

Simply press on the foot pedal and hold while pushing your gate to open.



Keeping Your Property Secure

Designed with frequency encryption to prevent unauthorized access. The remote controls require unique pairing with the quantum control board to prevent third-party devices from connecting.

These security features are essential for businesses and apartment complexes that need an extra layer of security.

Smartgate App

Open your Gate from Anywhere in the World

The optional CM Security camera works with our SmartGate App to remotely open and monitor your gate. It allows any number of users, and any number of gates.

This is perfect for businesses, apartment complexes, or large households who have a lot of incoming traffic and need a solution for a larger degree of gate access control.

Tech Specs

Max Gate Length
26 feet
Max Gate Weight
1800 lbs
Safety Sensor
CM Photosensor 30 feet
Emergency Release
Mechanical Foot Petal
TITAN G1 24V DC 250W
Radio Receiver
Built Into Control Board
Remote Control
CM Remote (2 quantities)
Chain Size
#40 Nickel Plated 20 feet
418 MHz
Size 50
Battery Backup
24V Lithium Battery
Battery Backup Capacity
40 Cycles
110V AC Single Phase and 24V DC Solar Panel Ready
CM Smartgate Control for IOS/Android
22.5" x 13.5" x 25.5"
5 Years Residential, 3 Years Commercial, 10 year warranty on motor
Operating Class
Class I, II, III & IV


What's in the Box

Calimet Gate Operator, 2 Remote Controls, 20 feet #40 Nickel Plated Gate Chain, #40 Master Link (x2), Chain Bolt with Nuts, Chain Bracket, Photosensor, Photosensor Mount (x2), Warning Sign (x2), Instruction Manual


Gate Type Compatibility

Compatible with all gate types including: metal, ornamental, chain link, panel, wood, vinyl, and tube.


Instruction Manual

English / Spanish

More Information
Brand Calimet
Product Manual English / Spanish